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Walter takes Manhattan(also known as Walter Hedgehog takes Manhattan or Road to Manhattan, and less commonly Hedgehog takes Manhattan and Walter's Game) is an upcoming 2011 film, with Danny DeVito reprising his role as Walter and Frank Welker as Xenophanes. It is the twelfth and last film of the Walter Hedgehog franchise.


Since the film is not in theaters yet, this is the current information learned;

The Spring Penguin makes a bet with Walter that Walter couldn't find a job in a week or less and Walter sets on a train to Manhattan,which was the location of the film Road to Broadway! which i a pun of the name in some countries, Road to Manhattan. Walter then gets a job as a buisnessman there, and is later the spokesman of a company that sells soap. However, Walter then finds out that hsis boss is THE GARFIELD GAR! Walter, who is depressed, learns that he cannot quit, since he signed a contract earlier. Walter, as he is treated poorly by the Garfield Gar, then learns of how the ways he was unkind to his friends, and changes from bad to good.

Walter wrote to his friends everyday, telling of how he has changed. Walter then learns that Xenophanes and the Spring Penguin had jobs of their own and begged him to come back. Walter then talks to his boss, The Garfield Gar, about this, but, the Garfield Gar says that he can never go back.