Chloe McMeister has a difficulty keeping lust, so, to get it out of her system, Chloe would have "a little fun" with her servants.

When making love with her servants, Chloe has a totally different personality. She is lustful, often tongue-kissing and she will often allow the servant to control her for once, and she will follow their commands. After making out, Chloe will almost be completely happy for the rest of the day, so, servants are at least more than happy to please her. But, this is not everyday, so Chloe will eventually return to her old self.

However, Chloe quotes that these actions are rare, but she does it throughout the film. Chloe's favourite servant to do this with is Joey Monroe, a young British girl with a Scottish skirt. She has a secret crush on Chloe, which is kinda obvious. Joey is shown with Chloe in all of these pictures in this text. Even though Chloe likes making out with Joey, she still considers her a servant and still hates her. Joey may have feelings for Chloe, as suggested.