Return of the Hedgehog is a 1978 film and marks the first appearence of the Garfield Gar, who seems to be a happy-go-lucky barracuda that is able to breathe above water.


The film begins with the Garfield Gar driving a 1970s car down the street. During his first appearence, Gar has handsome blond hair, a smooth voice, and a hip personality. While Gar is driving his car, he drives to his house, and checks his mailbox. However, one of his closest friends, who seem to be Walter Hedgehog, sends Gar a beehive on purpose! Gar is allergic to bees, and is stung multiple times, landing in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Xenophanes hears of this and coaxes Walter and The Spring Penguin to go at Garfield's aid. When Gar sees Walter, he askes him "You know I'm allergic to bees, why did you do that?" Walter admits he did it as a joke and laughs nervously. Then, he runs away out of the hospital. The Garfield Gar then stays seven more months in the hospital, although he was supposed to leave five months ago. Thanking about the prank, Gar developes a hate for Walter, eventually leaving the hospital and changes from kind to maniacal! The Garfield Gar would then trick the Beamish Boy and Mr. Fix-It into building a strong macine to kill Walter! However, the machine "runs out of gas", causing the Garfield Gar to be even more vicious!

Eventually, Mr. Fix-It learns that Garfield wants to destroy Walter. MR. Fix-It, who hates Walter also, makes an even more destructive machine! The Garfield Gar is pleased, and when Walter is out for his mourning walk, the machine tracks down Walter and The Garfield Gar kidnaps him!

Walter wakes up in a basement, being interrogatted by Mr. Fix-It and The Garfield Gar. When The Beamish Boy realizes his wrong, he calls the police. However, The Garfield Gar learns of his tricks and lets Walter go. Walter, having no idea what's happening, then ties The Garfield Gar and Mr. Fix-It, however, when the police arrives, it looks as if Walter kidnapped them and is soon put in jail.

However, in a court, The Spring Penguin and Xenophanes Gryphon try to prove Walter innocent. They seemed to do a good job up until The Garfield Gar confronts them and all three of them are put into jail. However, The Beamish Boy, who normally hates Walter, bailed Walter and his friends out, but, Walter never thanked him and walked home.

The movie finally ends with Walter and Xenophanes walk into their apartment, with Walter looking smug. Walter tells Xenophanes that he locked The Garfield Gar out of his house, and he gotten the key.