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Jahat Setan(born in August 20th, 1989) is a secondary antagonist and the best friend of Dock, who is the main antagonist in Maxwell. Jahat Setan is Indonesian for Evil Satan(which, may I quote, is a far more threatning name than "Dock"), while Jahat means Evil and Setan obviously means Satan, this may mean that Jahat may be either a demon, the devil in the form of a Sun bear, or, he's just an antagonistic bear who just has a cruel name(which this is the most likely).

Relationships with others in MaxwellEdit


Gangguan, Jahat's henchman, is a crane fly. Even though Gangguan idolizes Jahat, Jahat doesn't treat him nicely at all. Gangguan is easily influenced and manipulated, so he is a favourite in Jahat's tricks, and even decieve's Gangguan into doing his dirty work.


Dock is one of Jahat's very few friends. Even though Jahat is Dock's henchman, Dock doesn't treat Jahat poorly. Probably because they have equal strength, or Jahat is strong enough to even kill Dock in a single slap of the claw. This is not cartoonish, since a sun bear posessons sickle-like claws and Dock could easily be killed by a second.


Jahat Setan, being an antagonist, is obviously cruel and cunning. He has a good sense of smell which overtakes his poor eyesight. Jahat's name means Evil Satan. His name was originally Perang Setan(which meant Wars of Demons). Despite being evil, Jahat differs greatly from Dock, in which he is a calm person with a lot of patience, strength, dexterity, intellect, endurance, charisma, and luck. Jahat was only created as a foul to Coju, and somewhat of a focal character because he actually gives Dock a bigger chance of catching Maxwell than Dock previously had before.

Jahat is an elderly sun bear, but he claims that his sense of smell is 2X the strength of a regular sun bear, which must make him smell fifteen miles away! Jehat