The Garfield Gar(also known as Garland and Xarfunkel) is the main antagonist of Walter Hedgehog. But since him and Walter, the main protagonist, both have antagonistic personalities, they ocassionally work together.

Creation and DevelopementEdit

Name and Species

The name "Garfield Gar" was a pun on "Garfield Goose", a popular 1970s puppet character. Garfield Goose's slender body looked as if the body of an eel. But, the name "Garfield Eel" didn't fit in, so the character's species was changed to a barracuda. Despite this, his name was changed to "The Garfield Gar" because the "Garfield Barracuda" didn't fit in either.


Garfield Gar's voice is similar to the late voice of Walter Hedgehog, having a rough voice of an old man. However, Garfield Gar(born in January 18th, 1948, being 62 years old), but is portrayed by Whitman Mayo(1978-2000), though he was only 39 when he had the role, when he was replaced by Jerry Stiller(2000-present).


The Garfield Gar was the son of Henry Garland, an immigrant from Urugray and a schoolteacher. When The Garfield Gar was just two years old playing in the desert sand of his home in Southern Texas, The Garfield Gar(then known by the name Henry Garland, Jr.) struck gold while digging in the sand with a pail and plastic shovel. HG Jr. and his family got rich, obviously, but The Garfield Gar was moved to Boarding School, and in his boarding school, he could only see his family in Christmas!

The Garfield Gar, never made friends in school, and was often homesick. This would also affect his education,