Aaron "Airedale" Poole is a supporting antagonist and major character in Pigeon 0-8. He is the dim-witted assassin of Walt Quimbo. He is the lowest ranked person in Walt's army, being #51,216, although Walt only has 51,209 henchmen. Despite being a low-ranked man, Aaron seems to be the henchman who came the closest to capturing Walt's greatest enemies, Mr. Jacob "Big" Elroy and Fred "Double-Walsh" Walsh II, the main protagonists of Pigeon 0-8. He is portrayed by Kevin Kline.


Aaron is the second main antagonist(behind Walt Quimbo), which is such an accomplishment for a "slacking accident-prone loser". He shows a strong dislike to Mr. Big and Double-Walsh. Occasionally, he will come up with an uncharacteristic brilliant idea, but his clumsiness and dim-witted mind will get the better of him and the plan would be ruined. Most of the time, he will come up with a minor or midly threatning plan, but will at least be the smallest amount of evil.